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Omg (:

Had the TIME of my life last night .
My dream came true ,
I got to sing on stage with I See Stars <33333 (:
Got a picture with Jimmy , Andy & Some guy from one of the bands (x
Met some crazy ass people there ! Who can say they sang on stage with their favorite band ? MEE :D

  • That’s Outrageous ; They were pretty good , I had fun in the crowd ! They got me jumping (:
  • For The Fallen Dreams ; The lead singer was kinda weir , But they were alright . Wasn’t that excited for them . But they didn’t suck , But the band was uncoordinated & it bugged me .
  • I See Stars ; I was jumping & singing to EVERY single song , Andy Oliver gave me a heart symbol & I got to talk to Zach Johnson a little before they started C; Zach lost his voice so he couldn’t scream ); But me & some guy screamed , We still love you & He smiled at us (: Then for the song The Common Hours II , Devin Oliver asked the crowd if there was anyone who knew the words who wanted to scream / sing with them & my bestfriend lifted me up & was like THIS GIRLL ! & Devin pointed to me & got me on stage & I got to sing with them C: Jeff Valentine hit me with his guitar on stage & stopped playing & grabbed me & apologized dx When the song was over , Devin gave me a hug & told me I did amazing & that I was a great screamer d; It was soooo amazing <3 
  • Iwrestledabearonce ; The lead singer kept drooling everywhere & spitting on everyone , They weren’t at all good . 
  • Of Mice & Men ; Me & my friend went into the mosh pit for them & I got separated from him . Then I got pushed to the very front & I was leaning over the stage with my ribs up against the stage crushing me , I got punched in the cheek , Elbowed in the ear , Kicked , scratched , hit , pushed around . Then Austin Carlile head banged & head butted me on accident (x It was crazy , But totally worth it ! (:

    It was an amazing night <3